Why Need Tree Cabling and Bracing

As the trees grow and the weather changes, especially in the hurricane season, our city will encounter strong winds and storms. Some tree species that grow at high angles to the main branches are more susceptible. Their branches may be deformed and changed. Too heavy to support the trunk and larger branches, or even split. As a result, personal injuries, property damage and the destruction of trees are caused.

Professional tree surgeon will recommend cabling, bracing and strategic pruning measures to ensure that the tree and its branches will not fall and damage personal property and safety.

  • Save the tree’s life – The tree support system not only provides protection measures for your trees, but also provides opportunities for healing of broken or damaged trunks and branches.
  • Guide tree growth – As the tree grows throughout its life cycle, proper tree wiring and support can help it grow.

What is cabling and bracing systems

Cabling and bracing are the two most common forms of tree structure support systems. Simply put, the tree cabling and bracing is to install soft steel stranded cables and supports in the tree to reduce the weight of wind, ice or snow, and the stress damage caused by the dense foliage.


Tree wiring refers to bolting high-strength steel cables to the tree crown. Limiting excessive branch movement, especially in bad weather, can mitigate the dangers it causes.

The cabling system includes dynamic and static configurations.

  • Static cabling systems usually consist of steel components and require drilling holes in wood to install hardware (intrusive). The static system keeps the trees rigid and restricts movement to reduce the possibility of failure.
  • Dynamic cabling system is composed of engineering materials and can be installed without damaging the tree (non-intrusive). Dynamic systems allow trees to move and encourage trees to naturally compensate for their structural defects.

Although the cost of a static cabling system is twice that of a dynamic system, we recommend that the homeowner use a static cabling system because the failure rate is lower.


Bracing systems are solid support systems. To install the bracing system, please drill a hole in the tree. Secure the rod in place and bolt to the tree to prevent further cracking or expansion. It is more intrusive than the wiring system, but can provide the necessary support for damaged trees.

For example, if the tree shows signs of cracking but is not completely damaged, the tree can be preserved by bracing.

How much does cabling and bracing a tree cost

The cost of tree cabling and bracing depends on many factors. After investigation and consultation, most tree service companies use the Cobra system, plus the size and location of the tree cabling, and the scope of work completed. Then the price of wiring and support for a tree ranges from $ 300 to $ 600.


When you find that the trees are beginning to lean, cracks appear between the trunks, the junction between the trunks and branches is decaying or poorly structured, or the trees that are deformed by the branches and leaves are threatening your property, indicating that you really need tree cabling and bracing system.