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Why is Tree Removal Service So Expensive

“I need to remove a tree next to the house and contact 3 tree service companies near me. I was shocked when I saw the quote. Why is tree removal so expensive? I just wanted to remove this tree. The local tree service company gave me a quotation which is equal to the expenses of a pleasant trip with my family. “

Well, every time a tree service company gives a tree removal quote, they always hear complaints like “Why does it cost so much to remove a tree?”

Now let’s analyze the reasons why it is so expensive to remove trees.


Tree service work has always been ranked as one of the top ten most dangerous jobs in the United States, so they must pay high premiums for high risks. Qualified companies will have expensive liability insurance to protect the owner’s property and workers ’compensation insurance. Imagine that if you choose a cheap tree removal company and you save money, but they are likely to have no insurance. In the event of an accident, the tree owner is likely to have to pay several times the compensation for the work cost of the tree.

Before starting tree service, be sure to contact your tree service company to ensure they have purchased insurance. Be aware that TCIA member companies must purchase liability insurance. Most companies have a liability insurance of 1 million to 2 million US dollars, which is used to cover property damage that may occur in the event of an accident.

How much does the tree work equipment cost?

Equipment in the tree industry is also expensive and wears easily. The cost of rigging equipment can easily reach $ 5,000, the cost of a chain saw is $ 600 +, the cost of a stump grinder exceeds $ 40k, the price of a good quality chipper is $ 55k +, and the price of a bucket truck is $ 120k.

Even if you rent these devices, you can easily exceed $ 500 per day. If you use a crane to work, it will easily exceed $ 8,000.

What is the personnel cost of tree service?

Just like in any industry, from investment to deep water welding, higher operational risks require higher returns to attract labor and capital. Good professionally trained climbers can easily charge $ 50 per hour, while good ground operators can charge $ 20 + per hour. To compensate people for the very real risks faced by pruning and felling trees, the price is more expensive than engaging in less risky occupations.

In summary, these risks and costs are the reason why a team of 2-3 tree workers is dispatched to easily spend $ 2,500 per day.

Complex operating environment

Finally, location is a key factor in the cost of removing trees. Cutting a 100-foot pine tree in the middle of the forest has no objective risk to the building and may cost $ 150. Safely removing the 100-foot-tall pine tree between the two houses is a completely different job and can easily cost more than $ 5,000.

If the trees are close to your neighbors, the tree service company must minimize the impact, and also need the written permission of the neighbors to enter their yard to clean up the fallen branches and leaves, which requires more skills and time.

The more complicated the removal environment is, the operation time is longer, the more expensive the tree operation shall cost.

When will the cost of removing trees be cheaper?

Winter is a good season to remove trees. It is a cheapest time of year for tree removal.

If your budget is tight, please arrange for the tree work to start in winter, because most companies will provide a certain discount for off-season work. Choosing to clear trees in winter, the operation speed is faster, which saves time and money.

Winter is also the best time to trim trees, because insects and diseased creatures are dormant in winter, and the trees will have enough time to seal the wounds, and then germinate and grow again in spring.

It should be noted that the only disadvantage of the winter tree removal work is to arrange the time according to the weather. In case of snow or rain, the work may be delayed.


Now that you know why the cost of tree removal service is so expensive, our suggestion is: if you want to remove a tree, choose a professional and qualified tree service company. If the budget is limited, it can be removed when the winter tree service company discounts. Winter is a cheapest time of year for tree removal.

If you are only pruning a small tree in the yard, you can buy a good quality pruning shears (the cost will not exceed $ 30) and pruning the tree according to your own ideas. This is very interesting after all. That’s how I did it.


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