Why is Tree Pruning Important

Planting trees can improve the environment, soothe our emotions, and bring us coolness. Green leaves can quickly relieve eyestrain. It can also reduce energy costs, reduce pollution, improve community landscape and increase personal property. All we need to do is to take proper care and prune it. Why is tree pruning important

We discuss from the perspective of healthy growth of trees, safety, art and aesthetics.

Regulate growth, flowering and fruiting

Growth is the basis of flowering and fruiting. Only enough branches and leaves can produce a large amount of organic nutrients, which is conducive to the formation of flower buds. If the growth is too strong, the nutrient consumption of the tree is greater than the accumulation of nutrients, and the branches are unable to form flower buds due to malnutrition. If the flowering results are too much and consume a lot of nutrients, the growth will be inhibited accordingly. If the branches and leaves are not trimmed in time at this time, the tree body will be weakened due to insufficient nutrients.

Therefore, scientific and reasonable plastic pruning is very important, so that the contradiction between the growth of the tree and the result can reach a relatively balanced state.

Promote the rejuvenation of old wood

There is a kind of pruning called renewal pruning, which is to keep the trunk and main branches of the old tree and cut off all the side branches, which can stimulate the growth of new branches, and select new branches with promising future to replace the old branches to form a new crown. Old trees are rejuvenated by pruning and renewal. Generally, they grow much faster than planting new trees, and can maintain the landscape of the trees.

They have a very deep and wide root system and tree body, which can provide sufficient water, nutrition and bone type for the renewed tree body.

Improve ventilation and sunlight conditions

The branches are densely grown, the branches are weak and aging, and the diseases and pests on the branches and leaves are breeding. The trees in this situation are generally caused by natural growth or improper pruning.

On the one hand, the inner branches cannot get light, which affects photosynthesis. The twigs die due to malnutrition and starvation. As a result, the flowering parts move outward and become canopy-type.

On the other hand, due to the dense branches, which affects the irradiation of ultraviolet rays, hot and humid air accumulates in the canopy.

Plastic pruning just solves this problem. Through pruning, sparse branches, old and weak branches, diseased and insect branches, and broken branches are all cut off, the crown can be ventilated and transparent, and there is no condition for the survival of bacteria and pests, and the opportunity for trees to be infected with diseases and pests Naturally, it decreases.

At the same time, due to improved lighting conditions, organic nutrients in the inner bore twigs are increased due to light, flower buds are differentiated, and the flowers are full, showing a three-dimensional flowering effect.

Art and aesthetics

From an artistic perspective we will find that tree pruning is important. The landscape value of trees and their natural shape are the basis for the success of tree shaping. Shaping and pruning can make the main branches of the tree body be distributed on the trunk in an orderly manner, thereby forming a reasonable crown structure and achieving a perfect landscape effect.

Some trees in the garden green grow year after year, and they will gradually appear dead branches when they are exposed to the wind and sun all year round; they will also be attacked by disease and insects, forming disease and insect branches; the existence of many useless branches will affect the shape of the trees Beautiful.

For ornamental flowers and trees, people not only want them to bloom more and have bright colors, but also hope that the blooming branches are artistic. Therefore, many ornamental trees need to be shaped and pruned to create the beauty of the integration of nature and art by human intervention based on natural beauty.


In the city, due to the complexity of municipal construction facilities, there are often contradictions with trees. In particular, street trees, such as the fact that the distance between the branches and the cables or wires is too close, exceed the prescribed standards, and it is often dangerous.

For safety, only pruning the trees to resolve the contradiction between the two, and removing the branches that will exceed the distance between the branches and the cables or wires are important measures to ensure the safety of the line. If the drooping branches hinder the passage of pedestrians and vehicles, they must be cut to a height of about 2.5-3.5m.

Similarly, in order to prevent trees from damaging houses and other buildings, reasonable pruning or even excavation is necessary. If the root of the tree is too close to the underground pipeline, it can only be solved by trimming the root of the tree or removing the tree. There is no other way.

Therefore, the current street greening must strictly abide by the distance between trees and management, cables and wires, and buildings.

Final thoughts

Through the introduction, we already know why is tree pruning important. When you find yourself unable to solve the above trimming points. Be sure to hire a tree service expert. Professionals will not only remove all damaged trees, but also carefully evaluate your trees to ensure that your trees are healthy? They will remove the branches that need to be pruned to prevent further damage and remove all debris from the roof of the house and garden. They will note that tree pruning will not affect the beauty of the landscape.