Tips for Trimming Boxwood Bushes

The leaves of the boxwood bush are small and dense, so it is easy to trim. It is the most typical evergreen hedge plant. Boxwood bushes usually require little maintenance, and they are lively even in the cold winter. They can be used as hedges to create private space for homeowners and protect the privacy of homeowners. Boxwood can be trimmed into any geometric shape. Do you know how to trim boxwood bushes? Here are some simple tips for trimming boxwood bushes.

Choose the right time to trim

When is the best time to trim boxwood? Generally, the best pruning time of the year is from late winter to early spring.

Remember, do not trim boxwood in the summer, as this will most likely kill the entire bush.

Selective pruning can be done at any time of the year to remove dead, diseased and damaged branches of boxwood.

Keep the cutting tools sharp and clean

Commonly used tools for trimming bushes are garden shears and hedge trimmers. Correct tool maintenance is extremely important for healthy boxwood shrubs.

A professional gardener will clean the tool completely and keep the blade sharp before working. You can use household disinfectant cleaning tools to clean the tools, or prepare a mixed solvent of 10% bleach and 90% water to clean the cutting tools.

How to prune boxwood bushes

Remove dead or damaged boxwood branches

Observe the boxwood and find and remove dead or broken branches. These branches will make the boxwood bushes look bad and may be invaded by insects and diseases.

Trim internal branches

Check the inside of the boxwood, carefully clean the internal branches, and only clean crowded areas, such as crossed or rubbed branches. Doing so may create small holes in the bushes, but don’t worry, the small holes will help increase air circulation and direct sunlight to all branches, promoting green leaf growth.

Pruning bush sucker

Remove small branches (suction cups) that grow in the center or bottom of the bush.

Tips for trimming boxwood hedges

Stand a wooden pile on each side of the boxwood hedge, the height of the pile is higher than the height of the boxwood. Determine the trimming height and extend a rope between the piles for horizontal reference.

When trimming, be careful to always make the lower part of the boxwood hedge slightly wider than the top so that the branches and leaves at the bottom of the bush can receive more sunlight and keep them green.

When cutting the hedge, keep the scissors at the same height to make the hedge more flat.

Tips for trimming spherical boxwood bush

In the first year of planting boxwood, only the outline of the boxwood needs to be trimmed, and no fine shaping is required. Because you may need several years to reach the final shape.

After that, each time you trim, you only need to clear a part of the new growth added since the last trim. Over time, your bushes will grow larger overall, but will retain the shape you want.

Please start trimming at the top, and regularly check the shape of the boxwood from different distances and angles when trimming to ensure a round proportion.

Boxwood care tips

Provide adequate drainage

Boxwood is adaptable and can grow in different soil properties. Whether it is planted in a yard or in a container, you only need to pay attention to whether the soil has good drainage to avoid root diseases.

Apply organic mulch

The root system of boxwood bushes is very shallow, which means that the root system stays near the surface of the soil, so an organic mulch is needed to maintain moisture.


Whether trimming boxwood hedges or helping to maintain a healthy environment for boxwood bushes, these boxwood trimming techniques can inspire you. If you want to discuss better ideas and techniques on how to trim boxwood hedges, you can contact me.