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How Can I find a Reputable Professional Tree Service Near Me

Trees are awesome to have around. They make a serene environment and produce oxygen. But like us, there are trees that die naturally because of unrelenting factors. Whilst it may be due to climate change, natural phenomenon, rough weather or developing area, some trees need to be cut down through a professional tree service for some reasons.

Other than local tree service, their facilities include pruning, trimming of edges, occasional installation and handling storm-affected trees. They are often on standby for emergency services too.

If you ever thought of not needing any local tree service in the future, you better think twice. Imagine, you wouldn’t want to wait until your roof shatters due to an unexpected tree fall on a stormy night—or risk dead trees to cause fire around the vicinity. You can avoid trees to cause unexpected havocs if and only you are attentive to the most practical protocols. You just need a little awareness.

With that being said, here’s our impromptu take on how to select a professional tree service in your area.

Check for License and Accreditation

Is the tree service company licensed and accredited? That’s most probably the first question you should ask yourself when searching for professional tree service in your area.

Gently ask the salesperson or company for the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) license. They are the umbrella body that ensures professional tree service business or local tree service use the right tool.

You should check their license number on the TCIA website. TCIA is the oldest association for professional tree removal service in the USA through the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). They are a certified organization who trains businesses involved in professional tree service business. They train them on proper professional tree service equipment usage.

Company experience

Experience can tell a tree service company’s reputation—although not all the time.

But one of the ways to figure out a business’ solid experience is the years of operating. Checking for a record of their professional tree service equipment is helpful. Newbies in the industry usually give a bad impression but you can politely ask around from people who tried their services.

Speaking of equipment—a spike (used by some professionals to climb trees) often gets a red flag because they can damage a tree. If you don’t want this to happen, you can be honest and tell them not to use spikes because you fear injuring your tree trunks leaving gouges.

In addition, timeline is an important aspect to consider. Delivering services timely reflects the experience in professional tree service. Take note that the time required to bring down a tree is different from cutting a few branches.

Keep in mind that different professional tree service businesses have different professional tree service costs, and their professional tree service equipment varies. So all these will determine the time of work done, although experienced companies will have sophisticated types of equipment that can hasten the job.

Tree service company reviews

If you haven’t heard a lot about the local tree removal company’s profile and their work in the past, you should go ask for references. Satisfied clients in this industry usually vouch for trustworthy professional trees service companies. You will only feel at ease in making a final decision after checking for references.

If you’re not comfortable asking people personally, you can go for a thorough search online. Many people search for a tree cutting and trimming company review on Quora. You can possibly check the company name and might possibly get useful information about their personal experience working with the service there. If they have done a lot of jobs, someone would have indeed talked about them on the forum. Google is obviously a given platform to check almost anything, but you should do this with proper keywords like the ‘name of tree removal companies review’ or ‘name of local tree service company clients.’

Another clever idea to consider is to politely ask the service to share contacts of their last three clients. You can always try this as real time clients are the best reference to ask about the company. This will also lead to a healthy relationship between you and the professional tree service because you are practicing open and honest communication.


Do you they have insurance? This is another question you must ask your professional tree service or local tree service. If you have a good knowledge about this, you should know that insurances differ from many aspects. But a significant insurance you should look into is the worker’s comp. This is important since you don’t want yourself to be put on pedestal in case any of the laborers are injured.

The insurance usually covers many areas, and it is called general liability insurance. It is a holistic insurance that operates from the point of driving professional tree service equipment to the sites and damaging property while cutting the tree at surrounding areas.

How much does Professional Tree service cost?

There are many types of services to choose from when you hire a professional tree service company. Trimming and pruning for example—will cost at around $80 to $1,000 approximately. Tree removal will be at around $100 to $2000. All these prices vary depending on the size.

Other factors include:


Nearby trees cost cheaper than of trees that are strained in an urban area situated in a glass house. It will be more difficult to remove since it would need more time for the labor itself.

The tree’s height

As expected, taller trees will cost more for the removal services

Emergency tree removal

Emergency means rush work thus it is understandable if it costs higher since the urgent job is exposed to more risk.

Required Equipment

Professional tree services are way inexpensive if it only needs typical equipment. Hence if the accessibility and location becomes an issue, it could become an extended work and would cost more.

For the most part, there are the other dynamics to look at.


A wise man once left some words to live by: “Prevention is always better than cure”. It’s an applicable quote on trees situations like this. It’s helpful if you contact and keep in touch with a professional tree service inc. before it’s too late.


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