How to Invest in Gardens to Increase Property Value

Garden beautification is one of the best measures to increase the value of property. According to a survey, more than 60% of the 5,000 buyers said that maintaining a well-maintained garden is important. They can effectively use these spaces to satisfy various personal preferences, such as leisure, accompanying family, beautifying the environment and Storage space. Among them, more than 70% of home buyers expressed their willingness to pay higher prices for properties with outdoor space. In other words, real estate with a garden will have a lot of premium space. According to landscape economists, garden beautification can increase the value of real estate by 5% to 28%. This shows that the importance of gardens to real estate is self-evident.

Therefore, more and more homeowners are keen to invest in the design of their garden. It can not only bring more personal style, but also greatly increase the value of your property. This article has some tips for investing in a garden environment to increase the value of the property, helping homeowners increase the selling price or rental return of the property.


Additional storage space is always helpful, and sheds are undervalued assets for any garden. According to a survey by the American Association of Realtors, sheds are one of the garden features that add the most value to the property. If you have a shed, you can consider integrating it with the garden environment, which will be more attractive to potential buyers. You will get a high return for owning a shed.

Patio / deck

The patio/deck is also one of the garden features that add the most value to the property. People spend more and more time in outdoor spaces. Obviously they all want an ideal barbecue patio in the garden as a leisure, social and dining area. Investing in some wood to build a personalized deck on the concrete patio, fusing the house with the outside, will be more attractive to potential buyers, thereby increasing the value of the house.


Pavers can bring a pleasant look to any outdoor area. It is very useful to add pavers on the sidewalk or driveway. People and cars will be safer when it rains. And pavers is very easy to maintain, the safety and practicality it provides will make you rest easy. The beautifully designed Pavers can easily improve your garden environment and make its overall appearance more attractive.


In terms of adding value to homes, more than 50% of respondents believe that lawns are the most important of any garden. If the lawn in your garden covers 50% of the entire land, it may result in an increase in the total value of your assets by 10% to 15%. The lawn area mainly depends on the area of your property, and determines the target group you sell or rent.

If your property is large, a family with children will be one of your core target markets for sale or rent. The large lawn garden will be a great advantage of your property, where children can run freely, carry out various sports, and can use slides, swings and other amusement equipment.

If your property is small, it will attract young people without children. You may need to keep only a small piece of lawn, and then change the rest of the lawn into a beautiful terrace as a social place for recreation. This will be more attractive to your target market and should increase the sales price and rental price.

Outdoor lighting

More than 45% of home buyers believe that outdoor landscape lighting is essential. It can improve the appearance of the house and make the house more attractive. The outdoor garden has become an important place for homeowners to entertain guests and spend time with their families. When the sun goes down, adding outdoor lighting can make the garden a comfortable place to relax at night. Outdoor lighting can also bring a certain sense of security to your property. Especially at night, outdoor landscape lighting will leave a good impression on potential buyers or tenants.

Information shows that outdoor landscape lighting may increase the value of your property by 10% to 12%.


Investing in some evergreen trees, evergreen shrubs, and hedge plants can beautify the garden environment, improve air quality, help reduce street noise, and give the property a natural privacy and sense of security, which can increase the value of its property. If your investment budget is limited, it is recommended to plant cheap saplings, annual, perennial or seasonal flowering shrubs, and regularly prune and remove weeds.


Water is a key element of garden landscape design. You can consider using waterscape facilities such as fountains or small ponds to feed some ornamental fish and create a small ecosystem. Let your garden create a calm environment, which will be more attractive to potential buyers.

Privacy and security

Privacy has become one of the most popular features in the family. Trees and hedges can increase the privacy of the property to a certain extent, but gardens with secure fences, walls and gates are more attractive to buyers. Fences and fences can enhance the privacy and security of home buyers, isolate stray dogs and neighbors’ pets, and can protect your garden landscape. This will help increase the value of the house.


Make sure that any changes or additions you make to the garden are modest, as any operations that require a lot of maintenance can hinder potential occupants. Swimming pools and tennis courts should be avoided in the garden unless necessary. Remember, if your garden is not well maintained, it may reduce the value of your property by 5% to 15%.

Final thoughts

Garden design and renovation takes time and money. If you want to avoid doing it yourself, but need high-quality gardening services, you can consider hiring professionals. They have professional equipment and technical level. Although the employment cost may be higher, beautifying the garden environment is an investment after all. The best way to get the most from your garden investment is to handle the work in a professional manner.