How to Increase Your Vacant Land Value

As a landowner, you already own valuable land assets. You can make it vacant and wait for the right time to sell the land for profit. Land improvement investments can also be made to improve the quality and value of land to increase land income so that you can maximize profits when you sell or rent assets. This article has some tips on how to increase the value of vacant land through investment.

Improve access

Land and real estate experts will tell you that access is a key factor in assessing the sale ability of land or real estate, because no matter how large the area is, its use is restricted when it is difficult to reach. Because no buyer is willing to pay a high price for property that is difficult or impossible to enter.

If your land is affected by easements and property rights, you need to determine how much money the land owner needs in exchange for easements of their land. If your land has legal access, please ensure that any access or entrance to your land is kept good and visible, and can accommodate a large number of vehicles.

These measures will increase the value of the land and attract investors.

Beautify environment

The fastest and easiest investment you can make is to beautify the environment. Whether it’s a small piece of land or 100 acres of land, you can grow relatively cheap trees, shrubs and flowers and regularly maintain, trim and clean up debris, which will have a major effect on the environment. If you don’t have the tools or time to complete these tasks, you can hire a gardener to trim branches, bushes and debris.

In order to beautify the environment, the landlord also needs to paint the buildings on the land and repair the roof. The old building should be demolished. After demolition, these buildings should be removed from the real estate records and insurance policies to reduce property taxes.

Beautifying the environment will greatly increase the attractiveness of buyers and increase the value of the vacant land.

Test soil

You can test the soil for contaminants, pH and mineral content.

Although pollutants are definitely not a good thing, pH can help you determine whether the land is ready for cultivation. Some plants prefer acidic soils, while most other plants, especially crops such as soybeans and rice, prefer a more neutral pH. You can improve and maintain soil fertility by monitoring the content of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus in the soil. The problem of soil shortage can also be overcome by applying fertilizers or planting crops to absorb excess fertilizer.

In addition, dig a ditch and install a drainage pipe below. You will get better soil infiltration rate from the land.

In short, if the soil is suitable for any demand in the local market, the value of the property can be increased.

Add land fence

Fences are very useful for establishing property boundaries and can provide buyers with a sense of security. From an investment perspective, buying land that has been fenced in is attractive to many buyers. The fence can protect valuable landscaping and greatly increase the interest and beauty of the area. It can also accommodate livestock or keep unwanted animals out.

There are many types of fences. You can buy them according to your budget. Adding fences will increase the value of the land.

Public utilities

Adding utilities to your property will greatly increase the value of your land. The location of your land will determine the difficulty of adding public utilities. In general, utilities close to the city will be easier to obtain because it only requires connection to the city utilities and payment of connection fees.

If your property is located in a remote area, you will need to invest more time and money. For land owners, such investments may be a bit more. You can also consider using alternatives. Dig a well and establish a rainwater collection system to replace the urban public water supply, use wind and solar power to provide electricity, and use a septic tank to replace the sewer. These utility alternatives will be more cost-effective.

Keep improvement records

Just a good soil test record will increase the value of each acre of land by $200-300.

Therefore, please properly keep all your records and financial information on investment in improved land, as well as all tax information related to your land, which can not only be displayed to potential buyers, but also used for research to help you determine the land further changes in assets.

Overall, accurate and up-to-date records will help you to constantly change the amount of land and increase the value of the land when you sell it to maximize profits.