When to Call 24 Hour Emergency Tree Removal Service

Trees around your property make the scenery even greener—until they pose risk to your home’s safety. What does it take when a fallen tree happens and it damages a property? Prior the situation, chances were you would have needed to have them checked or removed carefully. That’s when emergency tree removal gets in the picture.

When Do You Need Emergency Tree Removal?

There are many occurrences that specify a crucial need for 24 hour emergency tree removal. It’s not only after a natural disaster or accident that it becomes a necessity. Prevention is always the best practice to avoiding these dangerous trees situations. Thus you should know the best time to call an emergency tree removal service near me.

1.After a Natural Calamity

Stormy days are never a great season for Mother Nature. Meanwhile, it could result to a messy situation damaging the trees around your property. A strong wind’s force could be too impulsive and could sabotage even a stable tree.

Storm and heavy rain could happen all of a sudden. While trees are usually believed to be vulnerable, it could look resilient enough to withstand a storm but the damage could be internal that you won’t even notice.

A heavy storm could devastate trees especially when they’re a bit aged. When branches start to fall down unexpectedly, it could smash your roof and worst case scenario— cause injury to your family. This is a good time to call an emergency tree branch removal.

While trees that are damaged from the storm still seem stable, it could potentially pose a threat to your home’s safety. Make sure to reach out to storm damage tree removal experts immediately because you’ll never know!

2.Diseased Trees

There are trees that look too vigorous on first impression. But the healthy physique from the outside is in fact the complete opposite! More often than not, the regular trees that you deem healthy are surprisingly diseased.

When you notice unusual growth patterns, marks of cavities, deep cracks and dead twigs, these are the common signs that your tree is most probably decayed and diseased. A hollowed trunk is another sign that could end up to a dangerous downfall. If a diseased tree hasn’t been checked for a long time, it can affect its neighboring trees too.

The easiest approach to maintain a healthy tree is to have a regular tree service. Even if it doesn’t need a full local emergency tree removal, let the professionals have a look to ensure a disease-free growth.

3.Weak Roots

Roots are the main foundation in holding up a tree’s stability. But no roots last forever! One of the many circumstances that shouldn’t be ignored is when you’re noticing the roots being visibly rotten or diseased for quite long.  If the roots look unhealthy, it may only be a matter of time until it falls. Sometimes it’s pretty obvious too!

If a tree is already leaning, it is recommended that you call a tree service professional to tell if it could put your and even your neighbor’s property in danger.

The tree may look fine above ground— but with decomposing roots below, the tree stabilization will lose its strength and affect its shape. If a few number of unusual roots start to sprout, it is best to consult an emergency tree limb removal for security too.

4.Unpleasant view

Do you want to create a certain aesthetic to your landscape garden but an unattractive tree ruins the view? You can use limb removal services for this.

In many cases, dead or overgrown trees may look untidy especially when you try to keep a green and healthy surrounding. If such tree keeps on dropping its branches and twigs, it will be an immense nuisance to maintain the cleaning work. It will be difficult to achieve a garden-fresh atmosphere for you and your family.

The best shot with it is to call professionals for tree branch removal.

Dealing With Fallen Trees

You should know the dos and don’ts when a tree falls. Depending on the scenario, your home’s safety will rely on your response besides an emergency fallen tree removal.

Making sure everyone’s safe is your first priority. If you’re at home and a large tree breaks a part of the house, assess the situation by turning off the power switch and calling the local police or fire department to report the incident. This should be a protocol to avoid any fire and electric hazard around the place. Also, you must evacuate the house even if the damage isn’t too much.  Most branches are heavy and could tumble which can be very dangerous. You will need an emergency tree branch removal on this.  More importantly, stay away from the fallen tree!

If the damage is massive, you should opt to file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance. You can may appeal for a reparation to cover all damages it caused. You can take pictures for documentation. You can do this as the fallen tree is proven to happen without your negligence.

 How Much Does Emergency Tree Removal Cost?

There are many factors that cause a tree to fall.  Besides the facts we did mention in this article, earthquake and fire for example—is another common cause of sudden collapse. Sometimes due to its oldness, they breakdown naturally.

Determining the reason behind a tree fall is convenient since emergency tree removal service will usually rips off your pocket. The average cost for the service is between $100 to $2000 depending on the condition or size, with most homeowners spending about $700.

Some municipalities agree to assist in removing trees due to natural or prevalent disasters, while a decayed or unwanted tree sitting around your property will most likely be at your own expense.

When all these happen, emergency tree removal becomes a go-to in keeping your property safe and sound. There are many factors that could turn to using the service—preventive reasons most of the time. The thing is you don’t need to wait for an unexpected incident to occur before you have your trees checked or removed. Sometimes you can assess the situation yourself and decide to make an early move. 

Remember: “Prevention is the ideal.”


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