The Cost of Emergency Tree Removal Near Me

Trees can beautify the environment, purify the air, protect the privacy of the homeowner, and provide valuable shadows. Unfortunately, trees can destroy your roofs, windows, walls, cars, power cords, and even neighbor property when you least expect it. In this case, you need an emergency tree removal service 24/7. This article will discuss the cost of emergency tree removal.

Cost of emergency tree removal service near me

Emergency tree removal is a dangerous task, and its cost is much more expensive than the normal tree removal fee, ranging from $1000-$10000, or even more.

Factors such as time, location, job hazards, tree size, and time consuming determine the cost of emergency tree removal services.


Many tree service companies provide 24-hour emergency tree removal services. Usually, emergency tree removal services outside normal working hours are costly.


Location may have a significant impact on the cost of removing trees from the yard. Generally, it is much cheaper to remove trees in open areas than trees near fences or buildings.


The risk of work is different when removing slanted trees and fallen trees. So the cost of emergency tree removal is different.


The size and height of the tree will have a great impact on the cost of your project. Generally speaking, the removal of tall trees is more expensive.

When to Call an Emergency Tree Removal Service

When the tree shows the following signs or problems, you need to call the 24-hour emergency tree removal service near me.

Trees pose a potential threat to property or people

When you find that the tree on the property is very unstable, the trunk and branches are broken or the tree is severely inclined, which may pose a threat to your property or personnel, please do not hesitate, you need to hire an emergency tree removal service as soon as possible to eliminate the hidden danger.

Dead tree

Diseased or rotten trees may pose a potential threat to the health of your property and surrounding trees. Incurable tree diseases make the tree hollow, the branches wither, and the tree severely tilted or even died. If it is not cleared in time, bad weather such as storms or hurricanes may cause property damage. Therefore, once a tree with signs of illness or death is found, you need an emergency tree removal service.

Trees were damaged by storms or hurricanes

If your area has recently suffered severe storms or hurricanes, broken branches or collapsed trees can cause damage to buildings and other property, and damage to power cords. At this time you need emergency tree removal service.

Please keep in mind that before a storm or hurricane comes, if you notice signs of cracks, weak roots, decay or severe tilting in the trees, please call the 24/7 emergency tree removal service near you as soon as possible. Because the emergency tree removal service is more expensive and more difficult after the storm.

Operational procedures to be followed in an emergency

What should you do if a storm or hurricane damages the trees?

1. First make sure you and your family are safe and secure

2. Contact your insurance company, explain the situation, and wait for the insurance company to reply

3. Take damaged photos

4. Contact your local emergency service agency or tree company to remove damaged trees

5. Repair damaged property

How to save on emergency tree removal costs

When a hurricane or storm causes trees to fall, you can first call the local emergency services agency. Each state has a dedicated agency to handle this task. They will dispose of the trees dropped on the wires or houses for free, and put these trees safely on the ground, which will save you a lot of costs. At this time you will contact the tree removal company, which will save a lot of removal costs.

If a tree falls on your house due to a storm, hurricane, or lightning, the homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost of removing the tree and house repair costs.


Regular tree maintenance can reduce the chance of tree damage.

Don’t choose a small or part-time tree service company. Emergency tree removal is a dangerous job that requires a professionally certified team and extensive experience.