How Much Does it Cost for Palm Tree Trimming

If you need to plant some tropical trees in your yard and garden, palm trees must be the first choice. Like other plants, palm trees also need proper trimming or pruning. Although you can trim or prune the palm trees yourself, it will be easier and safer to hire a professional tree company to serve you. You only need to pay a certain fee. Do you know how much it cost to trim a palm tree?

In the United States, the cost of trimming palm trees is determined by factors such as the height (size) of the palm trees, health status, number, type of palm trees and pruning environment.

Palm tree trimming cost

After consulting dozens of tree service companies, I compiled a quotation for palm tree trimming for reference by homeowners who need to trim palm trees.

Basically, the shorter the palm tree, the cheaper it costs for trimming. The higher the palm tree, the higher the cost of trimming. For example, the cost of trimming a 30 feet palm tree is cheaper than trimming a 60 feet palm tree.

Small palm tree trimming cost
Trimming small palm trees under 30 feet requires $ 60-400 or more. The average trimming cost of each tree is about $ 200.

Medium palm tree trimming cost
Trimming 31-59 feet tall medium palm trees requires $100-800 or more. The average trimming cost of each tree is about $ 400.

Large palm tree trimming cost
Trimming large palm trees that are 60 feet tall or even higher will cost $ 200-1200 or more. The average trimming cost of each tree is about $ 700.


Palm trees close to buildings, fences, potted plants and other landscapes will increase the difficulty of pruning, so you will pay more.

Large-scale palm trees are likely to require high-high-altitude work platforms for trimming, and the actual situation on site will affect the total trimming cost.

Regular trimming will be cheaper than emergency work. If the hurricane breaks the palm trunk and becomes fragile, it will increase the total cost of trimming.

If you keep trimming trees regularly, the price will be lower. If the palm tree has not been trimmed for a long time and grows naturally during its term, then it will take longer and cost more.

When to trim palm trees

When palm tree fronds begin to die, they usually turn brown, but also yellow and orange. This is a natural process in the palm tree life cycle, don’t worry.

The naturally dead fronds on palm trees can affect your mood and the beauty of the tree. At this time, palm tree trimming is required. Generally, we would recommend hiring tree experts to take care of your palm trees, they have extensive trimming experience.

Regular trimming of palm trees is essential to its health. This will cause the palm tree to grow new leaves. If the tree is not trimmed, the bad fronds will absorb most of the nutrients from the rest of the tree.

Palm tree trimming process

If you consider hiring a tree service company to trim palm trees, the following workflow is for your reference:

1. Palm tree inspection
View the size of the tree, the amount of work that needs to be done, and fully consider any other environmental or customer issues in order to jointly develop an trimming plan.

2. Assess and give a budget
Free evaluation of the palm trees that need to be trimmed, giving the budget cost.

3. Trimming palm trees and removing fronds
Once the quotation is approved, the tree expert will perform the necessary trimming of the palm tree.

4. Cleanup – remove waste and debris
The tree service company will remove residual debris or waste from your property so that your newly trimmed palm tree can exude natural beauty.

How often to trim palm trees

Trimming should be carried out regularly (once or twice a year) to keep the trees beautiful and healthy. It should be noted that the way the palm trees are trimmed will affect the time required between the two trims. The more leaves that are picked at one time, the longer it will be until the next trimming.

Can I trim the palm myself

For small palm trees under 15 feet in height, you can try to complete the work yourself while ensuring safety, but professional tree service personnel have rich experience and equipment to complete the work safely and efficiently. Trimming palm trees is not only for beauty, but also a strategic process to improve the overall health and longevity of palm trees.

If you really want to trim the palm trees yourself and are confident that you can handle the job safely, you can buy or rent all the trimming tools and equipment you need from your local garden equipment supplier.