When is the Best Time of a Year to Prune Trees

Pruning is an important measure to maintain the health, size and appearance of trees. Every tree in the community needs the necessary pruning or Trimming. It can remove dead branches to make the tree look better and become stronger. It can also reduce the risk of branches falling onto people or roofs during storms. So, when is the best time of a year to prune trees?

The following are the best times for several different types of trees to prune or trim in a year:

Deciduous trees

Most of the trees we see belong to deciduous trees. In temperate regions, The best time for pruning deciduous trees is in winter. From November to March the trees are in the dormant period, which is the ideal time for pruning.

Why prune or trim in later winter or early spring

  • Less juice flow.
  • Trees have no leaves, so you can easily see the structure of the tree.
  • The risk of getting sick or pests is small.
  • After pruning, the wound heals faster, keeping the plant strong.
  • The price of tree pruning in winter will be much lower, which means you can save more money.

Broadly speaking, not only deciduous trees, but almost all trees can be pruned in winter, including conifers, non-flowering trees and midsummer trees. Such as oak, sweetgum, maple, katsura and hornbeam in late winter or early spring. The only exception is trees that bloom in spring, because you need to trim them while flowering for best results.

Conifer Trees

Most conifers require almost no pruning, just decorative pruning to keep it conical or control its size. With the exception of autumn, decorative pruning can be done at any time of the year. But pines are pruned in early June to early July.

Fruit trees

Fruit trees are best pruned during the dormant period from late February to early April. The vines are pruned in March or early April.

Flowering Trees

The ideal time for pruning flowering trees is after the petals begin to fall and before the growth of new shoots. Trees that bloom in spring should be pruned in late spring or early summer after blooming. Such as dogwood, redbud, cherry, pear, and magnolia. Flowering trees that bloom from late summer should be pruned in early winter or early spring.

What season can’t prune trees

Don’t prune or trim trees in autumn. The wounds of trees due to cuts heal slowly, and fungi multiply spores in the fall, making your trees more susceptible to infection.

Pruning tips

  • The best time to prune trees is in late winter or early spring. It is also good if you prune in spring and summer. But don’t prune trees in autumn.
  • Although the best time to promote tree growth is in early spring and late winter, you can gently shape conifers and hedges at any time of the year. If you desperately need to remove any dead or diseased branches, they should be removed immediately.
  • Never pruning in rainy days, wet weather will greatly increase the chance of your trees getting sick, please choose pruning on sunny days.
  • If you want to see the excellent effect of trees, you must prune and pruning correctly. It is recommended that you look for a professional tree service company as much as possible.